Responsive Design

Your website is designed to look universally good on computers, tablets and smartphones, so your users can get a great experience on whatever platform they choose.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website is search engine optimised, so that new customers and your existing customers  can find you easily on Google and other search engines!

3 Months Support

Once your website is live, we’re here to help you with any updates, maintenance or questions you may have.

Changes are at your fingertips

Using either popular content management system or framework, WordPress or Drupal, you are able to easily make changes, add pages, add blog posts, and virtually anything to your website! It’s so easy to use, that’s why they are the most popular content management systems out! Join everyone from Fortune 500 corporations, to local magazines, in using either WordPress or Drupal. These are our weapons of choice when it comes to website frameworks.

State of the Art Servers

We can arrange hosting your website on state-of-the-art servers at one of the largest Australian Internet Service Provider (ISP), their data centres are connected to the Internet via high speed SLA backed services that peer with global backbone providers. These servers also peer with local Internet Exchanges in order to leverage even more performance. This means  99% uptime network guarantee and 24 x 7 uninterrupted service.

With multiple data centres, located throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and America the data centres are powered by the latest in Cisco routers, N+1 UPS redundant power, and a building-scaled diesel generators with enough fuel on site to last in-excess of a week, capable of keeping the entire building up during any length power outage by way of on-the-fly refuelling.

Load Balanced Cloud Network

Traffic load balancing distributes web traffic between multiple servers that perform the same function in the varying locations using the latest in cloud technologies.

Training & Support

Following a step by step training video series you’ll have the confidence to modify your website. From making changes to pages including text and adding images, adding a menu, new feature products, etc. We are also available to assist in any future changes if required.